• Private Practice: Practitioner/Facilitator
  • Rahila Khan: One-on-one (Journey Therapy)
  • Group workshops: Adults (women only & couples) and children/youth
  • Journey Seminars via “The Journey “ or infosa@the
  • CD available: TITLE: Re-engineering the DNA for New Humanity
  • Clearing out generational patterns and pathologies
  • Become aware of your own thoughts, feelings and emotions more especially when planning to have children and during the pregnancy.
  • Also introspect and investigate pre-conditioning, learned behaviour and social, cultural and religious belief systems from both parents’ lineage. So often these are passed down the ancestral line. At times these may seem as generational curse (some cultures view it that way), vows, promises, agreements or sacred contracts made. These have a way of taking a life of its own and play out as self-fulfilling prophecies.