Comments from an accredited practitioner using “The Journey”

Since I started using the Journey in my private practice in 2005, this treatment method has completely transformed the way in which I work with all children and adult clients, and is now the predominant tool I use. Non-directive approaches and cognitive based counselling methods I used in the past often failed to identify, access or clear out the root cause of the problem. Often I was faced with troubled children (ages three to twelve) whose emotional issues had resulted in a general shut-down in their ability and/or willingness to speak about their trauma. Therefore months of lengthy nondirective and creative approaches were needed before any significant changes could be noticed. With the Journey however, I am delighted to have found the most effective and empowering tool available. I can now offer a child Journey process (lasting less than twenty minutes), and am assured of a direct improvement in their emotional status with each process!

The effects have been truly astounding! While travelling the world in 2007, I used the Journey with children from a variety of cultures. Children (and adults) from all backgrounds, no matter the age or issue, were effortlessly able to undergo a Journey process and clear out emotional and physical blocks. From those suffering with low self esteem, a parents’ divorce, repressed anger, behavioural issues/misconduct, Attention Deficit Disorder, to those more tragic cases of children who witnessed domestic violence, were molested, raped or orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, I have been privileged enough to assist in, and witness therapeutically life transforming processes – all as a result of the Journey.

The entire process is a directive, yet safe, non-threatening, releasing and thoroughly comprehensive guided visualization. Using the client’s own body wisdom (i.e. natural repair ability), each Journey process gets direct access to a repressed cell memory, where some form of emotional shut down has occurred. The associated emotional pain is emptied out via a dialogue procedure, bringing the client to a natural state of forgiveness. Resources (helpful qualities) which would have been useful at the time are internalized, so that a powerful change memory process is experienced. Once a client has released the stored pain, forgiven and been empowered via a change memory process, a state of inner wholeness and deep completion is experienced. This makes the Journey an ideal and highly effective therapeutic tool, which can be used independently or in conjunction with any other treatment program (e.g. medical, psychological, social or spiritual intervention).

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