Ishq Leadership Academy

Authentic leadership begins within SELF…

I am that I am: …I am LOVE…..pure light energy….

The key missing ingredient for so many people is the simple act of love. Beyond material possessions, families, relationships, and careers, each of us quietly seeks the feeling and experience of love.

Going beyond personal love into the realm of unconditional love; the realization is that we can approach life through love and forgiveness, caring and sharing. Love has the power to transmute all negativity. Much of the turmoil and chaos we are witnessing either personally and/or globally is our own inner reflection of our past negative conditioning, beliefs and programing. Everyone can make a difference in this world every time we choose love, pure light energy — living a life of unconditional love.


“When the Journey inward to the Higher Self begins, life expands to encompass a world that is HUGE with possibility. Bringing a Spiritual dimension into all that we do is essential for ending the struggle and dancing with life. Our bodies and minds can take us only so far. Our Spirit (Source energy) can lead us all the way home.”

Basic spirituality encompasses basic human qualities of empathy, caring, kindness, goodness and most of all compassion and love. As long as we are Human Beings, we all need these basic spiritual values. Without these human existence will be hard and in a state of suffering; which in turn impacts negatively on society and the World Family.

True spirituality is a mental attitude that one can practice anytime. It is a training and method of bringing about inner discipline within one’s mind which is the essence of religious life. This discipline then translates into daily actions. Being centered ensures clarity and focus; awareness and intuition is heightened. Inner wisdom flows and greater insights gained.

This is when the ordinary occurrences in our life become extraordinary. Things may remain the same on the outside; yet internally something radical is taking place. We begin to replace the hardships with gifts of small miracles by being present in the moment and simply witnessing e.g. the sunrise/sunset or a baby’s smile.